Celebrity News is An Obsession For Us

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Americans, and indeed many people around the world, are hooked on celeb gossip and gossip. Apparently, this Hollywood star worship continues to grow. We will discern reasons for this phenomenon:

Identity– Here an individual identifies with a selected celebrity. This is the image and personality she or he want to be in the imagination. Even the meek and beaten down can dream about being Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone defeating the bad guys in high style. How many coming of age baby boomers wished they were Elvis, a Beatle–or Ann Margaret?

Esteem Build-Up- we have all done it even if we all know it isn’t our best moment. We feel briefly good about a star’s messy and really public life, particularly for a multi million buck earner with many liking fans. These public humiliations make us feel that maybe our lives are way more successful than we take credit for.

We may not make millions of bucks or appear on the big-screen, but at least many of us have not engaged in inebriated brawls, entered luxury re-hab for the 4th time or driven an automobile with a baby on our lap. TV and celeb stories are the ultimate match.

Entertainment Tonight started broadcasting in 1981 and set the baseline for slick and fast-paced half hour episodes targeting Hollywood reports with attention on debatable star behaviour. And superstars still make of the bulk of late night shows’ guest lists. Many younger fans get their stories basically from the Net.

A Google search brings up over 18,000,000 hits for “celebrity news.” RSS reports feeds are available to bring the most recent reports of your fave stars right to your desktop. TMZ has the company backing of AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Brothers . The web is a solid match for those trying to find pictures of their fave stars. A single site can hold thousands of pictures, all cataloged by name. Is this current day obsession with celebrity harmful?

As with anything, if it meddles with conducting your daily existence, it just could be. But as a leisure time activity, it’s no more than a safe and enjoyable diversion.

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