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Following the latest celebrity fashion style is not just a hobby but a few women even make it an obsession. Being a celebrity means that millions of fans around the world watch everything about their life. Celebrities for their part try to keep their visibility and media appearances alive in the fans mind. The best part of being a celebrity of course is that they get to wear designer clothes that are, then copied by fans.

Celebrities understand they have numerous fans and they need to stay up to date regarding their fashion sense. They also understand they are the trendsetters for millions of people from various age group and even culture.. They are consistently in people eye and are even blindly aped sometimes. Now people who love to wear celeb clothing can buy them in online stores. Since they are not the originals, people can buy them at cheap prices. Even designer clothes like BCBG MaxAzria dress can be bought at lesser price.

Celebrity fashion style just does not include dresses and clothes. They take every available opportunity to spend their cash on a plenty of distinctive things-sumptuousness homes, exorbitant outings, autos, homes, yachts, private planes and much more. This is moreover keeping in fads and design. However, since celeb clothes are the most visible thing about them, they spend a fortune to look good at red-carpet events. Numerous stores carry big name in fashion and style that carter exclusively to celebrities. The most famous ones are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, BCBG Maxazria and many more.

Apart from celeb clothing, accessories like handbags, bracelets, shoes and even clutches make a style statement on their own. Some of the designer outlets have sales at discounted prices that help ordinary people buy a BCBG Maxazria dress or any other designer label at a much lesser price. They also have off-season sales that bring own the prices.

As far as fashion is concerned women have it much better than men. When there is a red carpet event, the spot light is always on the women rather than men. Women have far wider choices in their clothes and accessories while men play it safe with tuxedoes and jackets. When stars like Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, and Lucy Lui wear designer clothes they are showcasing the designer label as much as their own style statement. Designers make sure they create the best designs for these stars to show them off on the red carpet. Since millions of people watch these events, it becomes a free advertising board and women always end up buying them.

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