Does Hair Replacement Enhance Sex Appeal?

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Baldness can be beautiful. There are many sex symbols out in Celeb land that have embraced the look sans lovely locks due to the test of time and out of choice. The combed over look that some members of the male populous sported back in the 1970s was unbearably unsexy. Once the ladies got that through to the men, off it all came, and we were ready to embrace the rugged and confident balding man, literally!

Currently the best of the baldies are Bruce Willis and Jason Streatham. Both these guys are cast as tough and confident guys on the silver screen and a lack of hair just doesn’t come into it. It is unimportant. It makes no difference. It is the confidence that overrides all and makes a person a sex symbol, whether they are smooth as a baby’s bum or could be mistaken for Chewbacca’s stunt double. It is the same with female celebrities. Many men will attest that they like a lady with a good mane, but the response to Sigourney Weaver with a crew cut was mass male hysteria. She was a sex symbol as it was, but the confidence she exuded without the trademark curls was enough to convince any man that bald ladies are sexy too.

It is understandable why men may fret over losing their hair. A man with a big ole mane of hair is rock and roll, Samson wooing Delilah, a virile specimen with a healthy gene pool, slightly Conan the Barbarian, exuding fearlessness and protection. It can also lead to horrific hirsute disasters; for example the mullet. Maybe a sexy man with locks is a fantasy when we consider that there is a disaster that is equally as unsexy as the comb over. In reality he would not be a golden crowned hero, he would be an unkempt man monkey, maybe Chewy’s stunt double after all.

Despite this analysis of the sex appeal of varying levels of hair coverage, sometimes it is not pure vanity that spurs a man to undergo a hair transplant procedure; it is a matter of confidence and self esteem. We ladies should understand as we spend the entire economy of a small country on make up, hair dye, tanning salons and cosmetic enhancement. Not really fair to begrudge a guy a follicle upgrade really. It’s not just pattern baldness that men want treatment for either; some guys want eyebrow, eyelash, moustache and beard transplant procedures. It is also a fair point to point out that females are just as likely to suffer from baldness as men, and therefore just as likely to seek treatment.

Of the treatments available, some are surgical, some are medical and others are cosmetic. Medical treatments are not really suitable for women as the changes in hormone levels can cause the growth of facial hair. Good for men, not so good for the ladies. On the flip side, a woman can sport a wig or weave with more decorum that a man, along with other cosmetic solutions such as sprays, creams, dyes and clip on pieces.

Surgical treatment has advanced in recent years, making it possible to attain a more natural follicle pattern with a greater transplant success. Small areas of donor tissue are transplanted laterally to avoid the dodgy dolls hair look of past surgical procedures. Follicular unit transplantation procedures are now so intricate that success is almost always guaranteed. This is good news for lads that don’t fancy sporting Brucey baldness and fancy being a bit of a Samson instead.

Dominic Donaldson is an expert in the cosmetics industry.
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