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GPS companies have exhibited a lot of creativity on the GPS voice market. Celeb voices, goofy sounds from Yoda, Bubba or Homer and even race car drivers voices are everywhere on the Internet. Kim Cattrall, Arnold the Governor, President Obama, sexy Sadera can be your travel companions when you are behind the wheel. Another great option for GPS voices, Pigtones, which stands for politically incorrect GPS, also has a variety of offers. From Souey, the world’s funniest talking baby pig to Spongy Bob Pork Pants, you will find something on your taste for sure.

Downloading GPS voices isn’t cheap and getting them for free on the Internet is quite a hassle. Naturally, you can cheat the system and get them from torrent sites. But this bears risks. The good news is there are legal ways to download free voices for GPS. And surprise, surprise most of them are introduced by the manufacturers themselves!

Garmin is an excellent place for getting free voices for GPS. The company’s innovation is the renowned Voice Studio. If you are tired of the bland built-in voice or if you want something more personal, with Garmins Voice Studio you can use your own recordings as driving instructions. This way you can personalize your device with phrases recorded by yourself, your family and friends. All you need to do is get the program and install it on your computer. You might need an external mic. This way, you will obtain the best sound quality.

In order for you to have company while you are behind the wheel, Garmin has created funny, little characters. The characters belong the voice packs and you can get them for free. Dr. Nightmare, Elfred, Yeti, Squirrely and Team Garmins Matt White will get you to your destination and make sure you have fun in the meantime.

For TomTom receivers, free voices for GPS are harder to find. TomTom has an interesting selection of navigation voices, such as Darth Vader, Han Solo and Kitt but they dont come cheap. Actually, they cost about $ 12.95 each. But if you really want a free TomTom voice, you can haunt for bargains on the Internet. You could get one for free as a special offer. In the end, the Internet is a huge and magic realm.

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