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TV loves photo opportunities. They particularly like action that makes for great video! For that reason I call them Camera Opportunities.

Local TV has a big audience. Their evening newscasts are usually the most trusted news source in any city or region. But these local news teams are usually strapped for cash. They need interesting events to cover 365 days a year.

Add to that local newspapers who now have very popular websites. Many of these sites feature video in their reports.

If YOU can provide a visually interesting event, you’ll have TV and newspapers at your doorstep.

Here are some simple ways to create a camera opportunity local TV news will love.

* Get a local or national celebrity to attend your business’ event. TV and newspapers will flock to see them. Watch for notices that a celeb will be in your city sometime in the future. Contact the celeb’s management or the celeb directly and make your pitch. Some won’t be interested, others will. You may be surprised. Increase your chances by having an event that benefits or brings attention to a cause the celeb backs.

* Stage an event that involves lots of children. Audiences love kids. TV and newspaper photographers know kids can create delightful action-filled footage.

* Get your community involved. Hundreds of people running, cleaning up, serving food to the hungry, or just about anything else is a great reason for media cameras to be present.

* Involve your business in a local cause. That gives you a much greater chance of being seen as important by news outlets. Major charities and community organizations have big events that always bring TV and newspapers out.

To contact media: CALL the TV newsroom the day before the event. Then call them again the day of the event. The same goes for newspapers. Give them your cell number and make sure you answer if they call.

A reporter is usually writing the story as you answer questions. If they can’t reach you at that very moment, they will move on to another story. Some reporters like to work via email. So be ready for that, too.

Don’t be intimidated by local media folks. They are hard working local residents who do what they love for not very much money. I was one for many years.

Don’t forget to have your camera running. Put the video on Youtube and post it on your site. Have a well written press release you can send to media before the event. Then send another release after the event talking about what you accomplished and what you plan to do in the future.

It all equals BIG FREE PR for you!

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