Is Gart Sports Transition To Sports Authority Bringing Drastic Changes

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Sports Authority, the biggest United States sporting-goods retailer, is in the process of buying out Gart Sports. It has been a transition over the last several years that have Sports Authority attempting to add to its already large chain. In several states there remains a few Gart Sports, but for the most part the company once known as Gart Sports has become extinct.

Sports Authority and Gart Sports are sporting good stores that sell anything and everything that deals with sports. You can find sports equipment, shoes, outdoor supplies and fitness equipment. As with any retail store, the supply that is in the store depends on the location and size of the specific store. However, the transition of Gart Sports to Sports Authority will increase the products offered and make the sporting good store more nationally known.

Gart Sports for the most part has been a mid-west chain providing local services and another home for many. After talking to many customers it is apparent that they are afraid of their local company becoming just another nationally known chain. What is in store for the future is unknown, but at the time being there have been no drastic changes.

Despite the name change, the products have remained the same and many of the corporate office staff has remained the same. So what is the change going to affect you may be wondering?

By Gart Sports becoming Sports Authority, the amount of products offered and the number of store locations is going to increase. The products that were originally offered by Gart Sports will remain, but there will be a larger stock of those products with new items to choose from as well. Also, because it is a national chain there will be much more advertising and promotional events going on.

The number of commercials on TV is gradually increasing and events held at the store to draw in shoppers are happening more often. Pro athletes such as NFL stars and NBA stars are being scheduled more consistently to sign autographs with the hope of bringing in new shoppers and returning customers as well. Other events include MTVs reality show Real World being filmed in Denver, Colorado over this past summer.

While there are still some Gart Sports stores around, little by little the stores are dispersing. Despite the worry many customers have of their local sporting-goods store becoming a nationally known large chain, the products and employees have remained the same for the time being. What the future holds for the transition of Gart Sports to Sports Authority is promising with more stores and a larger selection to choose from.

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