Joseph Carrillo King Neptune on high dive with metal crown 2

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A few nice gossip news images I found:

Joseph Carrillo King Neptune on high dive with metal crown 2
gossip news
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Aquatics Star Joseph W. Carrillo

Image from page 114 of “R.J.’s mother : and some other people” (1908)
gossip news
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Identifier: rjsmothersomeoth00dela
Title: R.J.’s mother : and some other people
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Deland, Margaret Wade Campbell, 1857-1945
Publisher: New York London : Harper & Brothers
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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hink so? Indeed they do! She put her hands over her face in silence,while Austin cruelly repeated certain illuminat-ing gossip that he had heard. He saw her shiver. You mean to be a true friend, she said,brokenly. I know you do. I thank you. At that he winced; but he said, cheerfully:Well, then, well go off, you and I; well goabroad and leave him. Hell land on his feet.He is the right stuff. But if you stay— I will go, she said, in a low voice. Of course, he said. Well, well get mar-ried at once, and— Oh no. No, I dont mean that. Ill justgo away. You cant do that, Adele, he told her,bluntly. Augustine and Dora would neverconsent to it. You know they wouldnt. Butif they think you are going to be married, andhave your own life — if you undertake me,Adele, and create me, as you might say—theywill never see through it; they will never tm-derstand why you do it. She shook her head, speechlessly; and then, amoment later, she said, in a low voice: It isimpossible. But I thank you. 96

Text Appearing After Image:
DORA LOOKED UP AT AUSTIN AND HELD OUT TWO SHAKING HANDS TO him THE MORMON No! no! thats the only way out of it; itsall settled, he said, keeping, with an effort, thenote of interrogation out of his voice. Youconsent— He stopped abruptly, for the dooropened and Dora entered. Oh, he said,getting rather red, as an elderly lover mightwell do—^oh, heres Dora; Dora, listen—^ Dont, her mother said, faintly. But Henry Austin went on, glibly: Dora,I say—Wheres Augustine? Oh, there you are,old man; and Sylvia too. Good. Well, mydear people, I have a piece of news for you— Henry! iVdele Wharton interrupted. Dora, my dear, your lovely mother has prom-ised to marry me, and we are going abroad! There was a moments silence. AugustineWare blenched suddenly. What ? he said, under his breath. Whatf Dora sat down quickly, as if faint; thenthere were confused outcries and exclamations. But, Ware began, violently, and stopped;for Dora rose and ran to him, sobbing as sheran. She put her arms abou

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gossip news
Image by oliva732000
I didn’t think Concord could get any worse. But I forgot about the Monitor. An explanation-

The Concord Police want to use some Federal money to buy an armored assault vehicle called a Bearcat. It’ll come in handy running over protesters or anyone who won’t give to one of their charities. And they’ll share it with other towns. Just think of the fun the Weare Police will have!

The Concord Monitor won’t cover the copious protests against the Bearcat, other than to dismiss the protesters as blow ins and nutters. The next day’s edition certainly didn’t mention the City Council chambers and street outside packed with Bearcat opponents. What they did was mock them.

Oh how cute, to patronize the legitimate and heartfelt fears of our ever growing police state. Clearly the only voices worth reporting- repeating- are our betters, our Dear Leaders- the glad handing, back slapping blowhards that make Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Clubs the homes of the soulless.

I don’t get involved anymore because I’m not welcome- I don’t think the right things. I’m too poor to leave. You, on the other hand, don’t have to come here. Don’t reward these bastards with your patronage. Take your photo of the State House on a Sunday, then head to Augusta before someone gets their hooks into you.

Monitor’s going to print gossip next week- page 17 of The(ir) Insider- check if you don’t believe me. May as well, they print sweet FA for news.

Stay classy Concord. Brockton of the north. Lawrence with money and in English. Newark without the romance…

TAKE THIS IMAGE-SHARE IT- REPRINT IT- You don’t have to credit me, just the toilet "paper" the top two images came from.


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