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Passionate about sports and have a knack for writing? Combine your two interests together and start a sports journalism career. Once taken lightly, sports journalism is a growing profession that reflects the power and influence of sports in society and its values.

Instinctively, having a major in English would prove to be useful, but a love for watching sports will show in your writing. A specialized sports writing program is developed at Centennial College, where college or university graduates in any discipline can enter the arena. However, this competitive graduate certificate program will require applicants to submit a writing portfolio and possibly complete a writing test. The more experience you have related to journalism, the better your chances for registration, but this specific area requires you to enjoy watching and reporting on sports.

This postgraduate program, Sports Journalism (6415), is a triathlon of all sorts of sports reporting. From interviews to statistics to social media, the program ensure students will score a lucrative career upon graduation by teaching them the core concepts and training them to apply each one through class performances and field placements. Students will engage in the following activities in their three semesters at school:

•    The foundations of sports writing and sports reporting will be covered, where students will learn how to conduct interviews and report on real-time through social media. The general nature of the sports in Canada and the writing profession will also be covered.

•    Radio, television and online sports casting will be covered, where students will work with different styles of sports broadcast in different media, including radio, television, magazines, and online. Overtime on nights and weekend may be required to complete projects for sports editing.

•    Nine weeks of school and a six-week internship will close off the program. Students will get to broadcast their news through the Centennial Sports TV, apply the knowledge learned from first two semesters to complete major projects, and enter the sports media industry as a Sports Journalist intern.

“The biggest selling feature of the program is that we’re all about reality. We are teaching students print and online, and radio and television, through the 12 courses that you take here. So when you’re going out, you’re going out with the largest toolbox you possibly can. And as our world as journalists change, we need to offer those opportunities,” says Malcolm Kelly, Program Coordinator and sports journalist for three decades. He adds:

“The thing that I enjoy most about teaching the program is the spirit. Obviously, if you got a group of people who are interested in sports journalism, being taught by a bunch of teachers who were working in sports journalism, you get an awful lot of spirit in the classroom. And I think that is very important because the desire to learn is just as important as the need to learn.”

Centennial has experienced faculty, including Kelly, adding more fuel to the passion and discussion of sports and news coverage within classroom walls. The Sports Journalism program offers a balanced mixture of sports media coverage and hands-on experience, unique to Centennial students. Students graduate with the aptitude for writing on sports and related topics, while being able to adapt to the change in the fast-paced sports coverage profession.

Jason White described the Sports Journalism program with strong academic and practical examples within the curriculum, highlighting that students must have passion for sports to be successful in this career.

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