Mens T-Shirts Top Off Style from Trendy to Simple

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Savvy dressers not only know how to dress up well, they also know how to dress down very well. Their first hint of advice is to turn to the humble t-shirt. Like a trusty pair of jeans, mens t-shirts offer comfort and style, when worn appropriately. The simplicity of plain or colored woven cotton allows men who sport them to build their look in either direction.
Mens t-shirts remain a steady standard, although what’s in vogue concerning tees changes like the weather. Those who like to change their wardrobe as often they change their underwear, or the next season’s fashion, will continue to follow the slightest shifts in popular trends. Others rely on more classic pieces in the t-shirt category to see them through wavering fads. Either way, reliable friends that you can trust to be timeless include the polo, long-sleeve nautical, graphic tees, sports Ts, v-necks, and a modern version of the granddad.
Polos add preppy polish, and the addition of a sportscoat notches up in class. The nautical fits docks and yachts and other lazy summer days with flattering horizontal strips and easy care. The Five Four longsleve Reynold contuors the body …and looks great a guy with guns. Graphic tees with abstract images carry impact with style statements. FF Fade, Retro, 1980 Stamp, and Crest all key into the new vintage look. FF Olympic and Life make graphic statements. Sports tees show your allegiance, but are not fitting for work or styling. Deep v-necks will slim down a build and make it more masculine. Newer granddad-Vs highlight a well-toned body without clinging to the skin.
Pairing a t-shirt with jeans demonstrates modern man’s most common uniform. The versatile combination is ever present in every social setting. It carries well from casual Fridays to laid-back weekends, and with a little attention pulls off trendy club nights. Some celeb fans even like FF mens t-shirts for the rec carpet and interview circuit. Simple, easy, ready to go. However the styles that make a man stand out most are tees that grab attention. These display a cleaner cut, an enthralling graphic, a unique hue, a more textured weave, or a richer fabric. The key is the tee.
The fusion of a great t-shirt with a dressier wardrobe item, like slacks or a coat, gives the wearer instant, effort-free cool–fit to his own personality. Actor Michael B. Jordan, Jet’s quarterback Mark Sanchez, and singer Jay Sean can be seen around town dressing up their FF tees with dinner jackets. It’s a fast way to freshen up any look or wardrobe and add color to duller tones. Play around with designer ideas that fit you with mens t-shirts (like those from Five Four Clothing), for new twists on your own style.

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