New Tough Body Glove Phone Covers Just One of Great Deals For Resellers

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Exclusive pricing, deep discounts, excellent deals–it’s great to be a reseller when you’re dealing with mycoolcell. They are a wholesale site which offers a full line of cell phone accessories to retailers, resellers, and carriers. Browse through their site and check out the multitude of products which practically sell themselves.

Among all their other great products, they sell these wonderful Body Glove Cell Phone Covers. You’ve heard the expression “fits like a glove”? You know what a good quality leather glove feels like on your hand–smooth and snug but not too tight. It’s light, flexible, and–in a word–comfortable. If phones could talk, that’s what they would say about the body glove cover.

Well, phones can’t speak for themselves, so take my word for it; your customers’ phones would love to wear this glove. The inner layer is hard, but it’s covered with a soft, slightly textured material, kind of like a golf glove. The texture helps you keep your grip, so the phone doesn’t go skittering off across the floor. If the worst happens and it does land on the floor, the glove absorbs the shock, protects the delicate electronics from harm, and avoids scratches on the phone itself.

The design makes it easy to snap-on, or off, and permits full access to the ports, buttons and screen. It’s equipped with a cute little kickstand which allows various angles for viewing. The kickstand is built right into the belt clip, which is one of those rapid-release kinds that make it real easy to access a ringing phone. They are very durable. Body Gloves are sure to be a best-seller, so go ahead and log-in to mycoolcell and stock up.

As mentioned earlier, mycoolcell does have lots of other cell phone products, too. Otterbox covers, Case Mate covers, skins, screen protectors, and lots of licensed products with all sorts of favorite characters are available. Cartoon characters like Spiderman and the Simpsons, celeb icons Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, and lots of sports-themed goods are on the site.

Necessary items like batteries and chargers are offered, as well as convenience items like data cables, hand-free equipment, and BlueTooth items. Then there’s all the fun, trendy stuff like cell phone charms, straps, pouches, socks, and the many, many styles and sizes of snap-on protectors, covers, and cases. Besides the themes and characters, there’s a lot of different colors and patterns to choose from. You’ll be able to order a wonderful selection of merchandise at really amazing prices.

On your first visit, you’ll need to register your business, so you’ll be able to look at the prices. You’ll be amazed at the competitive prices they offer! Exclusive prices for registered companies, deep discounts, and other great deals are offered daily. It’s good for resellers, though, since you can sell to your customers at a good price, and still see a nice profit margin.

MyCoolCell is a great company to do business with. They have tons of high quality cell phone accessories at great wholesale prices, and they are really interested in helping other businesses grow. By calling either the toll-free number, or using the Live Chat feature right on the screen, their friendly customer service reps can help you with any concerns, and questions.

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