The Art of Interviewing a Celebrity

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A celebrity does have an impact in our lives; it influences greatly on the way we look at life and things and brings a new perspective. A Celebrity could be an actor, writer, author, journalist, politician among others. In a layman’s language a celebrity is someone who appears on television and newspaper on a regular basis. The rules of interviewing a celeb for a magazine and a newspaper remain the same as the masses get to know the celeb in black and white, but when it comes to electronic media and that too in a popular channel it changes drastically. If one happens to be a publisher or news agency and wants to get a higher circulation of his magazine he has to make sure that it publishes a popular celeb’s interview on a weekly basis, if not biweekly. Everyone is it a common man or the elite class loves to know the kind of life a celebs live, their opinion on current affairs, their likes and dislikes, so if one can get an interview with a celebrity or dignitary its half the battle won.

The most important thing to understand is why you would like to interview the person. The popularity should not be only factored. Generally, a celeb’s interview only appears when he is the talk of the town or he has landed in a controversy and if the person happens to be from the entertainment Industry then usually during a movie or an album’s release. The interviewer must do a thorough research on the body of his work. He must be familiar with what has worked for him and what has not, his recent engagements and upcoming projects. Once an extensive research is done the next step should be the preparation of questions that one would like to ask. One must note that your questions should be the questions of the public and should cover a wider aspect. One must not hesitate to ask tough questions, but it should in no way be insulting. A good interview has the ability to ask the toughest of questions in polite ways. This is where the art of interviewing comes, it is not what you ask, but how you ask and if one is aware of this then it would turn into a dream.

The interviewer must be familiar with the celebrity’s background, his education, earlier profession, a little about his family history, his inspiration, his past and his best work. This would allow the interviewer to connect with the celeb and he would feel very comfortable to answer the questions. He must be complimented for his good work and his contribution to the causes he might have taken. One must have good command over the language and choose the right word. One must do an extensive research about the celeb and those would be available over the internet along with some comments of his fans. At the end the celebrity must be thanked for giving you his precious time.

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