The Need for Hollywood Films in India

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English films in India have gained enormous popularity in the last few years. Looking at decade back, English films found very limited audience coming to the theaters to watch their feature. In a Bollywood dominated country, making a space for themselves was a task in itself. The popularity of these movies has opened a wide scope for English Movie Channels in India. With the increasing demand of such film more movies in English language are being introduced in Indian theaters. But the recent acceptances of such films by the audiences in the urban areas have motivated many more English films to get maximum leverage in India for their promotional activities as well.

This mainly took place since the time English films have incorporated a story instilled in the Indian culture and showed the way for several other such Indian themed movies in English. But even today it is difficult to convince the Bollywood set audience to hit multiplexes to spend close to Rs. 400 to watch a movie. Unless English movies have big names attached to them in the credit list or big banners promoting them heavily in India, it becomes difficult to attract the audience, no matter how good they are. These movies find a short span of life in the cinema schedule.

But Television channels have constantly taken efforts to bring the experience to small screen for their target audience. Channels have seen a huge demand for these movies and thus have constantly come up with good showcase of English movies. Channels like HBO, Star Movies, WB with the first-hand experience to latest English movie news and Television Premiers. What most of these channels have also done is that they have provided the viewers with sneak-peaks, celeb interviews and behind the scenes, which makes it an added advantage for the audience.

To add-on this, most channels have gone online to continue providing the viewers with entertainment. This is because with enhancement of technology, people have gone online to seek entertainment, away from the cluttered television world. Understanding this importance, Hollywood channels provide customized options to online users, wherein they can choose what show and movie they wish to see from the existing content. This has definitely impressed and grabbed attention of many viewers, bringing them to the online portals of these channels.

So with so many positive moves from channels to woo their viewer, which of these channels will stand out to be the best and what will they do to sustain or evolve in the coming years, only time will say.

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