Zac Brown Is Hitched for Copyright By Ex-Employee

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Bad news for the Zac Brown lovers! He’s in trouble! The highly inspiring country folk star is now in problem so fan must put their hands for special prayer so he can soon come out from this hitch and the audience again can be able to grasp Zac Brown Band Concert Tickets. The lead singer of the Zac Brown band is sued by the former employee in Georgia, a guy one of his subordinate companies. Kyle Landas has submitted a case in court against Zac Brown in Georgia that the celeb has violated the alleging copyright. Kyle Landas works at custom leather studio as a singer and songwriter has now turned the unfair competition with this case. It will perhaps charge some career loss to the Zac.

The submitted report by the Landas declares that he started to make custom leather guitar leashes in 2008 and gifted those to different stars especially musicians with a purpose to get more fame. In 2010 he presents a guitar strap to the Zac Brown imprinted with a symbol that indicates a slogan known as the Unity Tree! He also said he never expects such things from Zac as he has spoiled my trust by using copyright. Will this statement f Landas affect the Cheap Zac Brown Tickets?

He also told that Zac has constantly offered him a job at Southern Hide, a leather studio runs in Georgia, while Landas epigrammatic claim that his employment turned wrong before it even legally started. When he was publicizing the cover of Zac Brown Band’s next album “You Get What You Give”, he claimed that at many places on the featuring cover the Unity Tree is designed and when Landas informed Zac that he’s not permitted this, Zac told him saying that he will pay royalties for this copyright use!

Landas started to work for Brown in 2010 and he also said that working under Zac was not an easy job, said to the general manager of the Zac Brown, Scott Shelton while the other members of the Southern Hide management “created or facilitated the creation of a hostile work environment that discouraged employees from discussing their legitimate work-related concerns.” He also told his sufferings as he was threatened to be not paid by the Scott, when he told about the working conditions, he alleges that they use abusive languages with their employees!

Landas also claims that when he loomed to Brown to talk to him about the illegal use of the Unity Tree that’s also publicized on T shirts, and all other brand merchandise like logos, as well as promotional sites, he was told that it’s been Zac’s property now and Landas has no more authority on it. He also adds that whenever he tries to talk to Zac he does annoying behave and force me to work as his employee. However after continuous forbidding now Landas has submitted a case against him on August 15, 2012 as a result the Celeb is now failed to respond multiple desist letters. The suit names include the Zac’s record label name, the Zac himself, the band and some of his companies. Nobody knows where the truth but all we must pray for our outrageous star so he can pull us again at his live Zac Brown Band concerts.

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